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Nexm Creative Media


Content creation of all kinds.

Nexm Creative Media

Corporate Content

Corporate explainers, training videos, or any other  content your company needs. 

Cooking Productions 

Whether you're a food vlogger, a master chef, or a restaurant that wants to present their recipes we can create the content.  

Nexm Creative Media
Nexm Creative Media

Music Videos 

Artists big and small need visuals for their music and we can accommodate all.

Virtual Courses & Webinars

Being able to be in multiple places at once isn't exactly possible quite yet, so creating living content that you can distribute all over is the next best thing. Training videos, virtual conferences, and classes are all things we can help you, the business owner, create.

Nexm Creative Media
Nexm Creative Media

Voice Overs & Audiobooks

Whether it's radio spots, ADR, audiobooks, or  podcasts, our top of the line equipment and custom studio space can accommodate all needs in the vocal recording world.

Photography & Video 
Cyc Wall

A pre lit cyc wall for all photography and video needs.



Half Day (4 hours): $400

Full Day (8 Hours): $750

Nexm Creative Media
Nexm Creative Media

Music Production

From all genres of music to instrumental production to mixing and mastering full albums, our team of expert audio engineers can give your project the industry feel it needs.

Full Production Podcasting

We will take you through show planning, brand building, intro music creation, recording, and distribution of your podcast to all platforms. We provided professional audio and video to rival the most popular podcasts out there.

Starting at $100/hr

Nexm Creative Media
Nexm Creative Media

Professional Drone Work 

Film in places your average videographer can't go. Add the element of movement and alternative perspective to your videos, commercials, tours, and any other content that needs to take flight.

Real Estate Content & Home Tours

As saturated as the real estate market is, making yourself standout is the key to success. Nexm Creative Media can film home tours, real estate content, photography services, and anything else you can think of to take your business to the next level. 

Nexm Creative Media
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