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Small Business Survival Guide for COVID-19

Tons of businesses are closing their doors: restaurants, gyms, small businesses, boutiques...unfortunately, this outbreak doesn’t discriminate, and a lot of small businesses are panicking thinking about the business they’ve worked so hard for crumbling. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Social distancing shouldn’t equal failing businesses. There are ways to continue to serve your clients and customers amid the chaos. Here are four ways to keep your customers during the craziness that is COVID-19.

1. Communicate, communicate, communicate! Let your customers know what you are doing to disinfect, clean, and sanitize your space. If you are changing hours of operation but will offer services online, inform them of these changes as well. If you have videos coming out or are starting (or continuing) a podcast, let them know where they can find this content. Keep your business on their mind.

2. Give your customers a way to stay connected. Everyone is sitting at home on their phones, tablets, and computers. This is the perfect time to benefit from that. People still need to buy things, they just might be buying them through social media or your website instead of through your storefront. Offer e-gift cards and certificates to keep cash flow going until after the crisis is over. Make these options available to your customers. Update your social media platforms and website and expect more traffic than usual.

3. Beef up your online presence. Social media and the internet should be your new best friends! Communicate and offer services to your customers digitally. Stay relevant. If you are a personal trainer, therapist, or in another profession that can communicate digitally, use that to your advantage. Think about starting a podcast if your company does not already have one. Like I said, people are sitting at home. They are listening to tons of podcasts and watching tons of videos. Now is the time to capitalize on online traffic and create content that your customers want to watch and listen to. Click here to learn more about starting a podcast.

4. Along the same lines as going digital, mobile podcasting, mobile professional videos, and live streaming are great options to keep your business relevant to your customers. Nothing But Podcasts Powered by NEXM Creative offers mobile services in Fort Worth where they will come to you with (sanitized) equipment to record podcasts, marketing videos, and any other content that you need to get to your consumers.

Overall, don’t let COVID-19 take over your business! There are ways to combat the quarantine and even use some things (like people being online even more) to your advantage. Remember, there are ways to socially distance yourself without having to lose your customers in the process.

-NEXM Creative

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