Podcast Editing and Production Services

You record the content.

Let our professionals take the technical side off your hands and bring all the pieces together to make your podcast cohesive and engaging. 

We handle the rest.





Record your 

podcast audio

Upload your RAW

audio into our secure

client database

Our experts edit and mix your podcast audio

We deliver it to you sounding the best it can

Standard Production 

With our STANDARD podcast production service we will find the beginning and ending of your episode and add in your intro, outro, and make up to 3 edits if you timestamp their exact locations. We will also reduce the background and room noise, then professionally mix and master your podcast to make it sound the best it can possibly sound.

Advanced Production

With our ADVANCED production service we will the perform exact same processes as in the standard service to make your podcast sound the best it can. In addition, we will review every second of your RAW audio (up to 60 mins) and remove any long pauses, filler word, mess ups or anything else that could be distracting to your listeners without losing that natural conversation feel.

Premium Production

Most of our clients will absolutely fit within the first two production services, but for this is for those who want more. With our PREMIUM production service we will perform the exact same processes as in the standard and advanced services to make your podcast sound the best it can. In addition, we will connect you with one of our audio professionals to give your audio some extra attention through custom sound design making your podcast standout in the crowd.

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