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Starting a podcast can be a very tedious task. The planning, designing, creating, and not to mention the hours upon hours of editing to make sure your podcast sounds professional can be a lot for someone just looking to get their message out. Without the right guidance or help this can be a huge waste of your time which will lead to unneeded amounts of frustration and less success. With Nothing But Podcasts powered by Nexm Creative, we can assist you in finding the best available equipment based on your podcast needs, editing your show to the exact specifications of your choosing, consultation on creating a top of the line podcast and much more.


Just talk and we'll do the rest.






Record your 

podcast audio

Upload your RAW

audio into our secure

client database

Our experts edit and mix your podcast audio

We deliver it to you with high-quality sound and to your specifications.

Episodes 0-30 mins: $75

Episodes 61-90 mins: $130

Episodes 31-60 mins: $90

Episodes 91-120 mins: $180

Episodes over 2 hours: $250 + $30 per additional 30 mins

Services Include:

  • Editing: Our team will work closely with you to make sure we understand your editing needs for each episode. We will remove any unwanted words (um's, ah's, etc.) or close gaps between long pauses to ensure the show flows and maintains a conversational feel. 

  • Audio: Our team has over 35 years of audio engineering and editing experience. We specialize in bringing life and a high quality professional sound to your podcast. Whether there's a room echo, a quiet podcast guest, or just an overall need for better quality, we can make sure you are satisfied. 

  • Production: Our team will mix and master your audio, weave in any intro/outro music, add advertisements or sponsored messages, and deliver your professional next level podcast in mp3 format ready to launch!   

  • ID3 Tagging: The ID3 tag is a way of embedding these descriptive information on the MP3 track. This descriptive data or information is also called metadata, a data describing other data. Tags provide a general information about your podcast and help the audience search through all the podcasts and find yours through certain keywords.

Studio Rental


Studio A Rental:

$150 per hour

(Includes one of our expert producers to monitor and ensure the highest quality sound)

*Video options for your podcast are available

Studio A is a fully dedicated podcast studio designed to give you the most professional and immersive podcast experience in DFW. We also offer an in-house producer and full audio editing once your podcast recording is finished. We even have single camera and multi-camera video podcast options available. All you need to bring is your voice, and we can handle the rest.  

Studio B Rental:

Studio B is our self-serve podcast studio. With top of the line equipment accompanied with a sound treated room, it allows you to begin your podcast journey on the right foot without the hassle of buying the equipment.

Hourly Public Pricing


Audio Recording: $60 per hour 

Podcast Recording Crash Course: $50

Advanced Audio Editing: $50 an hour

We provide everything you need!


Podcast Studio

Top of the Line Microphones 


Audio Mixing Board

Studio B Memberships


Audio Recording (4 episodes/month) 

 *4 hours max recording

Podcast Recording Crash Course



Audio Recording (4 episodes/month) 

Podcast Recording Crash Course

Advanced Audio Editing

Mix in Music or Jingle 

Distribution to all Major Podcast Platforms

(iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, etc.)

Full Transcription for Each Episode

(Show Notes)  


Memberships are set up on auto-draft and may be canceled at any time with 30 days notice.

Sessions must be canceled within 24 hours of booked time or a $30 fee will be charged.


Examples of how to use one hour of studio time:

  • Record One 30-45 min episode

  • Record Two 20 min episodes

  • Record Three 15 min episodes


Our team of experts can offer individual consulting to you on your journey to podcast success.

Services Include:

  • Industry tips and tricks on starting your podcast successfully

  • Technical support with your personal equipment and setup

  • Feedback on your personally edited podcasts  

  • Secrets from the pros to make sure your podcast is successful and stays that way

  • Marketing ideas based on your niche audience

  • Content creation ideas  

Enterprise Pacakges

For the ones who are looking to take that extra step and ensure the visibility and success of their podcast, our expert marketing team can do just that. Our team can increase exposure on multiple platforms, multi-camera full production podcasts, live streaming, transcriptions, blog writing and much more 

Prices vary based on the individual needs of each podcast.

Schedule a call with our team to discuss which package is right for you.