About the Founder



Paul Rogers comes from a background of marketing, advertising, and audio engineering with over 15 years of experience. With Paul's interest in podcasts and the fact the industry is flourishing, he decided to create something for Fort Worth to call their own.


Knowing that there was a marketing company on every corner, he decided to go about it a slightly different way. Paul decided to create a service that both people and companies can no longer deny they need. A human element to their brand and a way to share that brand with the world through podcasting. 

Combining his passion for audio engineering and creative marketing, Paul designed a podcast production and digital marketing hybrid company that would soon be a playground for brands in the infancy stage to brands looking to grow to new heights.


With Paul's pursuit of providing the highest quality service to his clients, he sought out the best of the best creatives and marketing specialists to bring Fort Worth a turn-key solution for creating that human element.  

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Paul Rogers

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Bear E. Allen "Bear"

Chief Executive Paw-cifer

About the CEP

(Chief Executive Pawcifer)



Don't let his sweet face fool you, he's all bite when it comes to making sure Nexm Creative remains a well oiled machine. Having dropped out of obedience school to become a full-time entrepreneur, it gave him a new outlook on life and where business could take him.


When Paul and Bear met, it was as if the stars aligned and the most dynamic duo was forged. Move over Flying Rodent Man and Bird.


Catch this "good boy" roaming the halls of Nexm Creative making sure everyone is on task and all crumbs are disposed of properly. If you're lucky he may even brighten your day with his signature Bear smile.